Barrel Refresh


NOBILE® Barrel Refresh is specially designed to extend the life of oak barrels.
NOBILE® Barrel Refresh slowly diffuses over time similar characteristics of our NOBILE® staves to enhance integrated oaky notes in wine.

NOBILE® Barrel Refreshcharacteristics:

High quality French oak, 24 months natural drying
Dimensions : 7 x 2 (32 x 2,3 x 0,7 cm).
Surface area: 0,273 m2 (2,94 sq ft)


Favors roundness and vanilla notes.
Increases sweetness and toasty notes.


Supports structure and develops aromatic complexity.
Mimic a traditional barrel ageing.


Dosage: 1 to 5 Barrel Refresh/barrel depending of the required level of exhaustion of the barrel and of the oak intensity.
Time of contact: 4 to 6 months depending of the product and style of wine.
Un barrel refresh correspond à une surface de contact de 0,273 m² (± 20% bois neuf).

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